Waffle House Jukebox After Hours - Various Artists

Waffle House Jukebox After Hours - Various Artists


I find it hard to believe that Waffle House authorized this compilation but regardless it's free publicity for them and actually pretty good. You have a variety of styles from Rock, Country, Hip Hop and even some techno all praising the love of the "Awful Waffle."

Don't worry if you have not heard of a lot of these people. You can find videos for most on youtube if you want to check them out first. It's a novelty CD that I assume will eventually get pulled from existence if Waffle House catches wind of it or hears some of these lyrics but maybe they can take a joke and enjoy it for what it is. It actually includes a Waffle House Menu and guess what the CD looks like...yep...a waffle. Pure genius. :)
1. Waffle House Family - Mary Welch Rogers
2. Meet Me At The Waffle House - Colt Ford
3. Bert - Jason Phelps
4. WW&WH (Whisky, Weed & Waffle House)- JellyRoll Feat. Grizz 
5. Chicken & Waffles (Waffle House) -XKore
6. Waffle House - Nezzo
7. The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
8. Fistfight At The Waffle House - Brian Haner
9. Take You Out (To the Waffle House) - Chris Turner
10. Rock The House - Jason Phelps
11. Got To Be A Waffle House Somewhere - Jolie Holliday
12. Waffle House Love - Jeff Harris
13. That's When I'll Stop (The Waffle House Song) - Tim Culpepper 
14. Special Lady (At the Waffle House) -  Billy Dee Cox
15. Waffle House Addiction - Hilton Waters
16. Waffle House Blues - Morgan Davis
17. Waffle House Hoes - Mr. Bambu
Contains some music with suggestive and/or explicit lyrics

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