TRUE LIES [Blu-ray]

As many fans of the James Cameron megahit "True Lies" know, a Blu-ray release has never seen the light of day in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter. A beautiful HD restoration was done years go but for reasons unknown the only available release has been on DVD. DVD's that go for $50 or more. Stinky Tuna has decided...enough is enough.
What if we told you we got our hands on that restored 1080p print? You'd be pretty impressed I'm sure. Well it's time to be impressed. This is not a DVD upscaled print nor is it a 1080i transfer (usually used for streaming to create an HD illusion.) This is a genuine 1080p Hi-definition print in it's correct theatrical widescreen aspect ratio 2.39:1. It has a remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 Mix [English} and has optional English, French and Spanish subtitles. But there's more...there's a 30 minute documentary of the making of True Lies hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis and the original theatrical trailer.
Now if they are charging $50 for the DVD the Blu-ray must be worth twice that, right? Problem is nobody should ever be asked to pay $100 for Blu-ray. In fact if you ever consider paying that you might be out of your mind. The last thing we want is to be responsible for you going insane so we are going to charge you less than $100. In fact even less than $50. $40? Nope. $30 still too about $18.88 no tax?  Don't ask how we came up with that price...just take advantage of it while you can.  

TRUE LIES [Blu-ray]

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