THE ROOM [Oh Hi Mark! Edition] (Blu-ray) Tommy Wiseau

THE ROOM [Oh Hi Mark! Edition] (Blu-ray) Tommy Wiseau


What is The Room?

The Room is a 2003 movie written, produced, and directed by Tommy Wiseau, who also stars as its main character, Johnny. It was originally envisioned as a stage play, then turned into a 500-page novel, and ultimately finalized as a movie script. Since its cult success, Wiseau has tried to pass his film off as a “black comedy” rather than an inept melodrama that’s unintentionally funny, but he’s not fooling anyone.

The Room may not actually be the worst movie ever made, but it almost certainly holds the distinction for weirdest film trajectory: nearly 15 years from premiere to national release. That’s right, The Room finally opened for one day only, in 600 theaters nationwide. But as an example of a true Hollywood miracle, The Room has become a major cult hit.

The Room has earned Wiseau a reputation as being “the Orson Welles of crap.” It is a perfect example of "It's so bad, it's good."

This new 2020 special edition Blu-ray has tons of extras and is a must for any fan.


Original release 2003

This edition 2020

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