The End Of The World (as we know it)

NOTE: The content of this documentary is quite controversial. The opinions and statements made do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Stinky Tuna Media or it's employees. It is presented to educate and once given the facts for you to form your own opinion as to their validity. Due to the explicit content it is recommended for mature audiences.


This is a very controversial documentary that has been posted on various sites such as youtube and others. It is ultimately taken down or censored to leave out certain information and seems to be hard if not impossible to watch in it's uncut entirety. This is the reason for this Blu-ray release. It is presented complete with all 10 parts (nearly 3 hrs.) Now the question you really want to see it?

From Government, Hollywood, Pedophilia, murder, satanism, human sacrifice, Illuminati and secrets so dark and evil you won't believe are true. And if you'll wish they weren't. The most upsetting part is most can be proven by witnesses, video footage, court documents and first hand accounts. There is no media bias holding back information from the public. It's all here for you to take in and decide what is true. Narrated by Janet Ossebaard.

The red pill/blue pill represents a choice. Taking the "red pill" may reveal unpleasant truths. However you can always take the"blue pill" to remain in blissful ignorance.

You make the choice.

The End Of The World (as we know it)

  • 2020

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