The Beatles  Let It Be [Film]

The Beatles Let It Be [Film]

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Before you buy check out a few of the reviews on our version of Let It Be.
" I have watched several versions over the years and this ranks #1."
"GREAT-GREAT-GREAT--Buy this -you won't be sorry!!!!"
"High quality, this is good enough to be a commercial release."
"This version is so much better.  I could not be more pleased with my purchase."
"It's better than I remember it being at the theater."
This is a great version of "Let It Be' that you cannot get anywhere else. As most people know, "Let It Be" the movie is now Public Domain and anybody can sell it. The problem with that is you usually get a bad VHS dub or an all around badly damaged print. Here's the good news. Although Apple films has not released this, some work was done a few years back to clean up the available footage when it was scheduled to finally come out. This is made from most of that footage and from very good 35mm prints that were made available. The reason it was not released beyond the VHS version from the 80's is really depending on who you ask. Either Paul and Ringo feel it did not show the band in a good light or Yoko has done her best to stop it's release on DVD or Blu-ray because it makes her look bad. I think it may be all 3 and I will tell you why. This is an extended cut that has 37+ minutes of extra footage and songs never in the original released version. Those 37 min tell it all. You hear the fights in the band with Paul and John, and John and George (George actually quits at one point) and you see what Yoko Ono did to the band. Bottom line, all of her and John's parts were cut and now I know why. Yoko broke up the Beatles and you will see for yourself. A lot of the bonus footage has less than great audio and it's hard to understand what is being said at times. To fix that, the guys who put this together actually added subtitles so you can follow easier. They are only used in those "hard to understand" parts and I find them very helpful and not distracting at all. They are only actually used for 5-10 total minutes so don't expect to see them all the way through.
There are some special features:
The Beatles Break Up. A documentary/dramatization of the bands break up (45 min.)
The Beatles Cartoon Episode 1 Season 1 Restored
The link to download an exclusive alternate version of the Let It Be album called "The Get Back Sessions'" It features alternate mixes and  a lot more songs and studio banter.
The film is 1080i but do not expect it to be like something made today. The film looks better than it ever has and many parts are HD but some are what they are because that is all there is. It is edited so well that any imperfections look as if they were intentional. I suppose they actually were now that I think of it but all in all it looks very good and sound is Dolby 5.1 That is really only noticeable in the music not so much the dialogue.
I would love to hear your opinion on this extended cut so please let us know what you think.
I hope you will enjoy it

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