Thankskilling Collection Unrated [Blu-ray]
  • Thankskilling Collection Unrated [Blu-ray]


    Let's clear the air right now. There are only 2 Thankskilling movies. The first one and 3. There was no 2. The plot line of Thankskilling 3 is that Turkie is trying to destroy the last copy of Thankskilling 2 but in reality, no such movie exists. Now that being said....for the first time on Blu-ray this set includes both movies, tons of extras and even 3 short films from the Thankskilling creators. Strangely enough 2 of those 3 are pretty creepy and scary not played for laughs at all but a fine bonus for sure. The cover art for this collection is a parody of a Thankskilling 2 movie poster.

    No Thanksgiving will be complete without this collection so get yours now.

    This set does not include language options or subtitles  Audio: Dolby Digital English


      -  Blooper Reel 

      - FOX NEWS at premiere

      - Extensive Behind The Scenes (Making of)


      3 short films from Thankskilling Director Jordan Downey

      "Critters: Bounty Hunter"   Horror/Action/Comedy

        "Hack Job"     Horrror

        "Craw Lake"  Horror

    • Cast & Crew

      Directed by Jordan Downey
      Produced by Kevin Stewart
      Jordan Downey
      Written by

      Brad Schulz
      Tony Wilson
      Grant Yaffee
      Kevin Stewart
      Jordan Downey


      Starring Wanda Lust
      Chuck Lamb
      Ryan Francis
      Aaron Carlson
      General Bastard
      Lance Predmore
      Natasha Cordova
      Lindsey Anderson
      Music by Kajmir Royale
      Cinematography Kevin Stewart
      Edited by Kevin Stewart


      In Broad Daylight Films

      Distributed by Gravitas Ventures
      Warner Bros. Pictures (YouTube release only)

      Release date

      • December 8, 2008 (Sacramento Horror Film Festival)

      Running time

      70 minutes

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