Song Of The South

NOTE: This is an updated edition that features much of the same content as the earlier version we had listed however the 2020 edition also includes new "Behind The Scenes" and "B-roll" footage as well as various promotional clips and trailers and now also has optional subtitles.


1946'S "Song Of The South" is a movie based on the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris, and was a pioneer of showing how live action and animation could be dovetailed. The storyline revolves around a young boy (Bobby Driscoll) that goes to live in the American South following the separation of his parents. There he meets Uncle Remus (James Baskett) who gives the boy valuable insights into his problems via the stories he tells about the ingenious Brer Rabbit.
With the exception of a brief appearance on VHS in the 1980's, "Song Of The South" has remained unavailable on digital media (streaming or otherwise.) In 2020 the Disney streaming service "Disney Plus" launched boasting that it would include every Disney movie ever produced. Every movie except "Song Of The South" it seems. The reason, at some point someone somewhere voiced their opinion that the movie did not depict an accurate portrayal of race relations in the south post civil war. Rather than stand tall and fight this absolutely ludicrous race baiting propaganda Disney decided to publicly state that it would never be released to the masses in any way shape or form, period. Disney is a pretty powerful media empire but lucky for us they don't control the World. Not yet anyway.

Due to distribution and copyright differences that exist in various countries for Disney films, Song Of The South entered Public Domain status in Japan in 2000, making Disney powerless from stopping it from being available to purchase Worldwide.  As Uncle Remus might say Zip-a-dee-doo dah, Zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my....   look "Song Of The South on Blu-ray  in 1080p HD!" Okay he might not have said that last part but you get the idea.

Song Of The South

  • - History of The Tar Baby

    - A read sing a long storybook

    - BTS/B-Roll Footage featurette

    - Take a Ride On Splash Mountain a POV log ride

    -TV Spots, Trailers

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