Manos: The Hands Of Fate is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. It also has developed a cult following so much so that 52 years after the original was released we were gifted (or cursed) with 2 follow-ups. One, a sequel and one, a prequel. Both filmed around the same time with a seperate cast and crew (with a few exceptions) and both released within a few weeks of each other. If that's not odd enough...the two films had nothing to do with the other and even had legal battles going back and forth as to who had the rights to the Manos name. The result? 2 movies that are vastly different but actually pretty good...or bad. They are bad on purpose with a toungue in cheek nod to the original that was unintentionally bad.


For the first time on Blu-ray both of these movies are together and even though the disc itself clearly says DOUBLE FEATURE it actually has all 3 movie with the original Manos: The Hands of Fate remastered in HD included as a surprise. A surprise I just ruined I suppose but too late now.

Collector's of bad cinema and people looking for drinking game options will love this set.



Manos: The Hands Of Fate (1966)

Manos Returns (2018)

Manos: The Rise Of Torgo (2018)


plus trailers and teasers for all 3



    Directed by Tonjia Atomic
    Produced by Tonjia Atomic
    Rachel Jackson
    Jackey Neyman Jones
    Joe Sherlock
    Written by Tonjia Atomic
    Rachel Jackson
    Jackey Neyman Jones
    Starring Jackey Neyman Jones
    Tom Neyman
    Diane Adelson (as Diane Mahree Rystad)
    Steven Shields
    Cinematography Joe Sherlock
    Edited by Derrick Carey

    Release date

    May 4, 2018

    Running time

    67  minutes


    MANOS: The Rise Of Torgo

    Directed by David Roy
    Produced by

    David Roy
    Joe Grisaffi

    Tom Martino

    Written by David Roy

    Jackey Neyman Jones
    Elizabeth Redpath

    Danny McCarty

    Matthew Rogers

    Cinematography David Roy
    Edited by David Roy

    Release date

    May 25, 2018

    Running time

    90 minutes



    Directed by Harold P. Warren
    Produced by Harold P. Warren
    Written by Harold P. Warren
    • Tom Neyman
    • John Reynolds
    • Diane Mahree
    • Harold P. Warren
    Music by

    Russ Huddleston

    Robert Smith Jr.

    Cinematography Robert Guidry
    Edited by James Sullivan


    Sun City Films
    Norm-Iris Productions

    Distributed by Emerson Film Enterprises

    Release date

    November 15, 1966

    Running time

    70 minutes
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