Well-educated and well-traveled Ferris Whitney is a child of privilege. Angel Bright is "cool," streetwise and tough. Little Darlings brings them together for a season of summer camp, fun and friendship-and rivalries.

This movie has the destinction of never being released on DVD or Blu-ray for nearly 4 decades. Although a DVD version is available now it is in a pan and scan outdated format and is not region 1 (the region for USA and Canada.)  This Blu-ray comes from a beautiful print remastered in 1080p HD with a new Dolby Digital audio mix and includes the original music that had been omitted and/or replaced in all home video VHS and DVD releases.

English subtitle option.

Actual email request.

I remember watching this movie Little Darlings along time ago when I was a young teenager and instantly fell in love with it. I've been looking for it and I got excited to see that it was available to rent or to buy digitally. I had to rent it! The only thing I wish is that it was available on DVD or Blu-Ray. I'd like to own a physical copy. If you can put that on your long list that would be great.

Our reply:

Done and....done. Enjoy.

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