KRISTY [Blu-ray] Horror Cult Film

KRISTY [Blu-ray] Horror Cult Film


Kristy is a 2014 American horror thriller film directed by Oliver Blackburn and starring Haley Bennett and Ashley Greene. The plot follows a college student who stays on campus alone over Thanksgiving break and finds herself terrorized by a cult of ritual killers.


This has been one of our most requested films to be added to our website. It's unavailability on physical home media is legendary. Any physical releases have been in a non US format and since they are no longer in production copies are going for $75 and up just for DVD.

Kristy has been given the Stinky treatment is now available as a Region free, uncut HD 1080p Blu-ray for a lot less than $75 and better quality than anything available on streaming services.

Directed by Oliver Blackburn
Produced by
  • David Kirschner
  • Corey Sienega
  • Jamie Patricof
  • Lynette Howell
Written by Anthony Jaswinski
  • Haley Bennett
  • Lucas Till
  • Chris Coy
  • Erica Ash
  • James Ransone
  • Mathew St. Patrick
  • Ashley Greene
Music by François Eudes
Cinematography Crille Forsberg
Edited by Jeff Betancourt


  • David Kirschner Productions
  • La Sienega Productions
  • Electric City Entertainment
Distributed by The Weinstein Company

Release date

  • August 7, 2014 (Germany)

Running time

86 minutes
Country United States

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