Fright Night Part 2 (DVD)

Charley Brewster, the impressionable teenager, reluctantly comes to terms with the freakishly improbable events that scarred his adolescence, convincing himself that the undead creatures of the night were only figments of his imagination. Three years later and after countless sessions of therapy, Charley carefully stays away from his former vampire-slaying companion, Peter Vincent, however, when a motley crew of oddballs led by the cryptic Regine come to town, suddenly, Charley's past creeps up on him to haunt him. Is history repeating itself?

Fright Night Part 2 (DVD)


    This DVD is in it's original 2.35 widescreen aspect ratio 720p resolution with a 5.1 surround mix and includes 2 trailers.
    If you are looking for a full Hi Definition 1080p print then get the Blu-ray. The Blu-ray version is available in our store and also as part of a 2 disc set. 

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