Final Exam is a 1981 American slasher film written and directed by Jimmy Huston and starring Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice, and Timothy L. Raynor. The plot follows a killer stalking the remaining group of students left on a college campus days before the university's summer vacation.

In this day and age, there are very few fan and cult favorites that have yet to make it to the digital home video format, but for various reasons, a few have eluded the awaiting grasp of eager fans. Now, after years of rumors about rights issues, possible legal trouble, and even mob involvement the much unfairly berated.


 Final Exam is available for its fans to enjoy in the comfort of their own home…or dorm. Not a huge hit when it came out so, why should any horror fan bother with this movie? I'll tell you why. Few college slasher movies have captured the truly creepy vibe that a desolate campus at night features. This film captures that feeling perfectly. I think more people would appreciate the film if they looked at it as two movies in one... the first half is more of a campus hijinx movie, and the last half is definitely a slasher movie.


  • Initial release: February 27, 1981

    Director: Jimmy Huston

    Box office: 1.3 million USD

    Budget: 363,000 USD

    Initial DVD release: September 23, 2008

    New remastered DVD Oct 2019

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