A terrible dragon is terrorizing the medieval land of Urland in the 6th century. Representatives from the kingdom seek the assistance of the wizard Ulrich (Ralph Richardson) to defeat the dragon immediately -- Urland has been delivering virgins to appease the dragon, and their princess (Chloe Salaman) has rigged the lottery system they use in order to sacrifice herself next. But when Ulrich is killed, the task to confront the dragon falls to the wizard's apprentice, Galen (Peter MacNicol).

Release date: June 26, 1981 (USA)

Director: Matthew Robbins


NOTE: Original listing that began on 8/28/2020 had artwork that differs from what is shown now. We were given the wrong cover art for the item and apologize for the mistake. For those who ordered prior to this updated listing [8/31/2020] the artwork will reflect what is now listed.


  • Released by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Studios in 1981 but never making it past various DVD releases on to Blu-ray. It seems Disney has tried to separate itself from the movie over the years and in fact don't include it on their streaming service Disney Plus. That being said Paramount has distributed a very nice (if not perfect) 1080p HD version in it's original aspect ratio available only for streaming on various platforms like itunes and Amazon. As you know with us at Stinky Tuna we find those options for viewing unacceptable and have thus produced a Blu-ray version of this classic for fans who want to see it in HD and add to their collections.

    Although the special features are slim (commentary, trailers) the film looks better than ever and has a decent Dolby Digital 5.1 audio mix with English subtitles available.

    It is noteworthy that this is the uncut version that includes the footage that had been trimmed off for home video releases.

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