Don't Go In The Woods

This is the 1981 Horror classic "Don't Go In The Woods" aka "Don't Go In The Woods Alone". No matter what title is attached we pretty much figure that going in the woods, with company or not, may not be such a great idea. 

This was one of the "Video Nasties" that were confiscated and then banned from being sold years back but as time goes on people have mellowed or perhaps forgot how bloody this thing gets so you can now own it without the moral Police knocking on your door. Woo Hoo.

The full uncut widescreen HD transfer runs 82 min.

Don't Go In The Woods

  • Directed by James Bryan
    Produced by James Bryan
    Suzette Gomez
    Roberto Gomez
    Screenplay by Garth Eliassen
    Story by Garth Eliassen
    • Jack McClelland
    • Mary Gail Artz
    • James P. Hayden
    • Angie Brown
    Music by H. Kingsley Thurber
    Cinematography Hank Zinman



    Distributed by Seymour Borde & Associates





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