Body Double   Brian DePalma Thriller

This classic horror mystery thriller  from Director Brian DePalma  hits Blu-ray with Sony's Choice Collection.


After losing an acting role and his girlfriend, Jake Scully (Craig Wasson) finally catches a break: he gets offered a gig house-sitting in the Hollywood Hills. While peering through the beautiful home's telescope one night, he spies a gorgeous blonde (Deborah Shelton) dancing in her window. But when he witnesses the girl's murder, it leads Scully through the netherworld of the adult entertainment industry on a search for answers -- with porn actress Holly Body (Melanie Griffith) as his guide.


Body Double Brian DePalma Thriller

  • Release date: October 26, 1984 (USA)

    Director: Brian De Palma

    Featured song: Relax

    Music composed by: Pino Donaggio

    Screenplay: Brian De Palma, Robert J. Avrech

  • Blu-ray

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