Teens P.J. (Angelo D'Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton) get their thrills on BMX bikes, performing hair-raising tricks all across Sydney, Australia. Along with their new friend Judy (Nicole Kidman), they discover a box of walkie-talkies -- and find out that a gang of criminals intends to use them to monitor police signals during a bank robbery. When the young trio snatches the devices, it propels them on a hair-raising adventure in which their pedaling skills might just save their necks.


This hard to find 80's favorite has been restored and remastered in Hi- Definition and Dolby Surround. This was actually pre-RAD but shares much of the same cult following.


  • Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith
    Produced by
    • Tom Broadbridge
    • Paul F. Davies
    Written by Patrick Edgeworth
    Based on a screenplay
    by Russell Hagg
    • David Argue
    • John Ley
    • Nicole Kidman
    • Angelo D'Angelo
    • James Lugton
    Music by
    • Colin Stead
    • Frank Strangio
    Cinematography John Seale
    Edited by Alan Lake


    Nilsen Premiere

    Distributed by Filmways Australasian Distributors

    Release date

    22 December 1983

    Running time

    88 minutes
    Country Australia
    Language English
  • -Cast Retrospective


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