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Return or Replacemets

We guarantee everything we sell and do want to ork with you to make it right. Contact us and we'll work with you. However, just because a movie bored you, wasn't what you thought or whatever the case may be, its on you will have to ship it back to us at your expense and we do have a restocking fee (cat needs new kitty litter). Once we get it back here we'll refund you the difference.


Do you combine orders for shipping?

If made aware of it we will always combine things to get you the lowest shipping price we can.

Where is my stuff?

Tracking information can be found in the email sent to the email address you gave us on your order. Additional delays may apply to some orders due to the high volume of mail with the USPS due to COVID 19 Pandemic. Please be patient.

How will my products be shipped?

All products are shipped vis USPS.

Questions about the Tuna

How can I reach you?

You can email us at: We usually reply within 24 hours.

What is Stinky Tuna?

It's a fish you buy in a can that smells bad but that's not important right now. Stinky Tuna is a independant media distributor. We feature rare, out of print and streaming only content on physical media. Our general catalogue is available for the casual buyer. For the serious movie collector we have the V.I.P. section we call the Tuna Train. It is a place where people with like minded ideas and interests can swap and trade or just talk shop. It also has memeber only perks like discounts, freebies, free shipping and a larger selection of physical media. The Tuna Train is by invite only. Submit your member request and if you are accepted the link with access code will be sent to your email. Certain restrictions apply.

Can anyone become a member?

For the record, we do not discriminate based on race, gender, age, political party, income, sexual orientation, nationality, foot size, hair color or lack of, weight, education, police record, marital status, religious beliefs, your opinion on the Moon landing, Roswell or the legitimacy of the recent election. We do however like to weed out the riff raff in order to offer better service and better prices to our collectors and fans of physical media What is Riff Raff? People who illegally copy or distribute our content or violate our terms of use. Those who troll our people on social media and other haters. Membership is not guaranteed but we review requests and reply within 24-48 hrs.

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